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A lone genius has made the breakthrough scientists have been working towards: he invented a new type of power plant, able to generate energy solely from waste, at top efficiency and without toxic by-products. But it has one fundamental flaw, it gives off enormous amounts of heat. So the first prototype had to be built into a floating building, located in a cold water stream in the Atlantic Ocean.

Predictably the invention have been met with public skepticism (also hate mail from oil companies). So the inventor has decided to prove his vision in the field: he has sold his family heritage and a few patents, taken a loan and started building the swimming platform of his prototype into the Ocean Tower, a gargantuan building, in fact an entire fully functioning city of its own.

But being a genius doesn’t help when organizational skills are called for. So YOU have been hired to run the Tower.

Now it’s your chance to show the World it can be done: create a gigantic sustainable eco-tech tower people like to live in.

Your challenge: build the future!

Developer’s note: The cover of the fictional magazine “National Geologic” above is a friendly parody of the magazine “National Geographic”. We’re not implying that “National Geographic” has run a cover story on Ocean Tower. Yet, they have done covers in future livingspaces as the example below shows (german edition, January 2012). Our game is based mainly on fictional technology (the waste-burning main power plant is impossible as is a floating tower that resides in the ocean without tethering or protection against storms. But we have done research regarding efficient eco-technologies and feel we’re on safe ground with our game, metaphorically.

About Us

Ocean Tower is a game by flaregames. Games are our passion, gaming is our lifestyle.

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